Digital technology is having a dramatic impact on consumers around the world, creating many new benefits including better communication, access to information and greater choice and convenience.

Whilst consumers undoubtedly benefit from these technologies, there are questions about how to establish access to the internet for the many consumers who are not connected, how to improve the quality of services, which online services and products consumers can trust and what happens to the data they share online.

To address some of these issues and promote access, participation and innovation in digital technology Consumers International are working to create a #BetterDigitalWorld. Throughout the next year and beyond we will be working on a range of projects that will help build anĀ online world that consumers can trust.

G20 Consumer Summit

As part of the 2017 G20 process on the digital economy, Consumers International, the Federation of German Consumer Organisations (vzbv) and the German Ministry for Justice and Consumer Protection co-hosted the first ever G20 Consumer Summit on World Consumer Rights Day, 15 March 2017 on the topic of consumer trust in the digital economy.

At the Summit ten recommendations from the international consumer movement were presented to G20 member states covering a number of key challenges facing consumers including access and inclusion, data protection and security, and effective means of securing consumer rights in a fast moving digital economy.

World Consumer Rights Day 2017

15 March is World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD), an annual occasion for celebration, impact and global solidarity within the international consumer movement. The theme of WCRD 2017 was Building a Digital World Consumers can Trust.

On the day, 134 consumer organisations in 92 countries came together to celebrate WCRD and take part in the #BetterDigitalWorld campaign, which reached a total of 9.2 million people.

Click below to view our interactive map and get the global picture of all our member campaigns and activities.

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